Kevin L. O'Brien - kLoB

I am a proponent of Pan-Global, Industrial, Supra-Expressionism which attempts to utilize materials from global industrial culture within works created as art. The juxtaposition of the bold expressionistic strokes on the stark, bland industrial materials causes a good deal of tension. The bright colors used in the textures further differentiate the energy of the expressionistic strokes from the dullness of the main materials. My work is influenced by Expressionism, Surrealism, Pop, Street, and a number of other styles.

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                  Revenge of the Polar Bear(with Ice Cubes)    2019
                  This piece is a street, surreo-expressionistic-pop-industrial-cartoon
                  rendition of the Revenge of the Polar Bear (with Ice Cubes)
                  The Bear is upset about losing its hunting environment.
                  What were once ice blocks are now Ice Cubes, too small for seals to recline on.
                  The Polar Bear used to trap the seal on the block.
                  This piece is derived from Inuit renditions, plus gyrations.