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*50 Years Ago When There Was Ice - Ice Sheild (at Boston City Hall - Long Corridor)
*Mud Warrior in a Metallic World
*Ferruginous Hawk Takin Offf
*Roman Legionary
*Guanaco From Cave Wall
*Crows Amongst the Wheat
*Large Lobster
*Triton Robot
*Great Northern Moose
*Dinghy Fishing
*Golden Hirola
*Ocean Krill
*City by the River
*Great Plains Bison
*Mars Mission
*Birch Tree Fall
*Train And Carriage
*My1st Car
*A Day at the Beach
*jimi Demigod of Eletronic-ized Guitar
*Irish Elk in the Field by the Lake at Twilight
*Battle Of The Aurochs (Proposal For New Constellation)
*A Starry Evening in 2019 (another experiment)
*Big Fish
*Electric Reindeer 2
*LateNight Host on set (waving arms)
*Surreo-Expressionistc eleKtro Model
*Virtuoso in the Groove!
Electric Reindeer
Electric Reindeer 4
Girl with Golden Hair
*Glass of Red Wine
*The Passage of Time
*Menthol Cigrarettes
*Snow House
*Sand, Sea, Sky
*Front Door
*Mixed Drink (Powerhouse circa 1972)
City of Boston Arts and Culture -
City of Boston Artist Certification.

***NOW - Pre-Neo-Expressionistic Background Fully Utilized!
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The only specific legal agreements involved are those that I enter into myself.
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*I exhibited 2 paintings At ArtExpoNYC, in April, 2022
This piece on exhibit @ Las Laguna Gallery May 4 - May 27, 2023
*American Lion
This piece on exhibit @ Las Laguna Gallery Feb. 2-25, 2023
*Electric Reindeer 2
3 Major Floods Destroyed A Number of Works in Storage
or I would have another 60 or More Additional Paintings!!

Got Texture???
Ferruginous Hawk Takin Offf...
Roman Legionary
Guanaco From Cave Wall
Crows Amongst theWheat
Large Lobster
Triton Robot
Triton Robot Was At Las Laguna Gallery, CA
2022 - Far Away Places - Exhibition Online
November 03, 2022 - November 30, 2022

Great Northern Moose
Dinghy Fishing
Golden Hirola
Ocean Krill
City By The River
Great Plains Bison
City by the River and Great Plains Bison were exhibited at Artexpo 2022!! Great Show!
Mars Mission
See This Painting Framed On A Wall???

Wooly Rhino
Son Of Shigir
Shigir Idol Shows Us Start of What We're Missing!!
Train and Carriage
Honorable Mention forTrain and Carriage at Catamount Arts
Vincent van Gogh - Landscape with Carriage and Train in the Background - 1890
My 1st Car
The Last of the Merovingian Churches
RockHopper Penguin
This piece on exhibit @ Las Laguna Gallery May 4-31, 2023
New Show Coming To FPAC Gallery @Envoy
Peek At It Thru Windows Near Barking Crab Now
Trash Bits for Realism:Catamount Arts-Solo Exhibit
Curated Grouping of Paintings Around Juxtapositon Of Natural Resources vs. Trash
The Model Moved(In the middle of the pose, with full concentration)
Codfish(Sacred Cod of Massachusetts)
Double Eagle (Medieval Armour Grouping)
Elektrolized Mammoth Grazing On The Plain
jimi DemiGod Of Electronic-ized Guitar
Irish Elk in the Field by the Lake At Twilight
Battle Of The Aurochs (Proposal For New Constellation)
Was One of The Artists of The Week for Week of 09/20/2020
A Starry Evening in 2019 (another experiment)
Revenge of the Polar Bear(with Ice Cubes)
See The Texture(It's 3-D sculpture on flat-Street BKGRND)???
Brian Boru - High King of Ireland
Full Spectrum: Fort Point Neighborhood Exhibition
Two Paintings at BCEC
surreo-exressionistic, street eleKtroModel
South Boston Neighborhood Exhibition at the BCEC Presents these 3 ArtWorks:
Coming Into Kenmore (MBTA Greenline - Boston)
From October 2018 - March 2019
FPAC Space at Envoy Hotel
Big Fish was selected for
FPAC @ Envoy: Water Levels 2018
Viking was selected for Third Annual Arts Connect at Catamount Arts Catamount Arts, St. Johnsbury, VT
Mayan Snake King (Missing Dynasties)
Coming Into Kenmore (MBTA Greenline - Boston)
Cambridge Art Assoc. ARTIST of the Week!
eYepHone8zS (mYepHone ~ mYliFe)
Industrial Strength Bison
New Bird of Thunder
Sputnik (Dawn of the Space Age)
A Starry Evening in 2016 (figurative departure)
Running Caribou
Dawlah Bill
Beer: Glass & Bottle
Beer: Glass & Bottle and Homage to Dubuffet's Homage to Klee's Senecio (if it existed) was selected for exhibition by Gallery-Steiner, Vienna, AT
at the Red Dot Art Fair, Dec. 2015
Homage to Dubuffet's Homage to Klee's Senecio (if it existed) was also selected for a Juried exhibition by Hopkinton Arts Center, Hopkinton, MA
You: Artists Depict Themselves - October 7 - November 19, 2019
Homage to Dubuffet's Homage to Klee's Senecio (if it existed)
evergreen '15 (Boston Blizzards of 2015) was selected for the
Annual Juried Off the Wall Exhibition at the Danforth Museum, Framingham, MA
evergreen '15 (Boston Blizzards of 2015)
Soup's On, Andy! (Homage to Andy Warhol, 28 Years Later)
was selected for Honorable Mention at Arts Connect at Catamount Arts 2015 Juried Members Show
Catamount Arts, St Johnsbury, VT
north American Bison (with trash bits, for realism)
Jack O' Lantern (with disposed candy wrappers)
1960's TV (with radioactive greenscreen)
Rising of the Moon (animation - in single frame)
My work Power Double Cheeseburger was selected for the 2019 Legacy Family Festival at Gov. Ames Estate, North Easton, MA
Power Double Cheeseburger had also been selected for the 2014 Community of Artists Juried Exhibition,
from May to August, 2014: at the Danforth Museum, Framingham, MA. USA
Power Double Cheeseburger
My work cola 2013 (with label) on subway/graffiti, 2013 is on exhibit from Dec. 13, 2013 - Jan. 30, 2014 at the
Midway Channel Gallery!

EWNS Art Project - The Current Show is now Online!!

I have been accepted for an online exhibition by the EWNS Art Project Artist's Committee for 2013 - 2014 EWNS Art Project is a European organization, based in Paris area, France, that focuses on encouraging emerging artists. It's goal is to be a window to the international art scene by presenting a selection of artists to the French market, etc. To see me on their site Click here!
My work on Conan O'Brien's Site
My Work Hamburger
Won the 6TH ArtSlant 2013 Showcase for MultiMedia.
This 7 foot tall hamburger, was constructed using
my own brand of primitive carpentry. It was a seminal work for me
My artwork Star Spangled Banner
was selected to to be displayed,
on a large video screen on the 2nd floor
of the Saatchi Gallery, London, UK
My piece van Gogh's Sunflowers
will be in the show "Summer at Large" at Midway Studios,
Boston, MA from June 18th to July 31st, 2013
Placed in Non-Representational Sculpture for my mixed-media, 3D painting Google (on my computer screen)!!
Google (on my computer screen)
  Google (on my computer screen)
A link to an article on my work by a hip new Art Review magazine!!
My work was selected by the EWNS Project,
based in Paris, which is providing a window for the
international art scene. It presents a selection of artists
to the French market, and the entire world!
My work Skyscraper will be at the 2013 Community of Artists Juried Exhibtion
at the Danforth Museum, Framingham, MA
More on my work Skyscraper at an Art Fair
*Ice Shield Artslant 2013 3RD Showcase Winner - Mixed Media
Article Published about my work on ArtSlant!
*Skyscrper Artslant 2013 1st Showcase Winner - Mixed Media
electric reindeer 4
  self portrait 2103
van Gogh's Sunflowers
  van Gogh's Sunflowers
Star Spangled Banner
  Star Spangled Banner
On exhibit at Altered Esthetics Feb. 28 - Mar. 28, 2013
Red Platform @ Midway Studios,Boston,MA 12/3-01/3/2013
Fort Point Group Show, The FPAC Gallery, Boston, MA 2012


white is a color too.
Sometimes, I use it as a background color
Other times, I use it with/behind
other colors to achive greater contrast
on top of masonite/etc.
my private Auvers 2012
  Auvers 1976                 Wheatfield with Crows
Snippets of chunks of life from the field/sky at Auvers as seen using current cultural, every-day materials
I was invited to SM'ART Mediterranean Contemporary and Abstract Art Fair
*Artslant 2011 Showcase Winner(s) - Mixed Media
*Art Awards in 2011:
Non-representational - 5th PLace
*Computer at Phoenix Tech
On exhibit Ferbruary 3-24, 2011 in Online (Dis)Connect
at Altered Esthetics
Big Fish
On exhibit April 5-26, 2007 in Art Reincarnated
at Altered Esthetics
Hi Fi Hamburg
A Finalist Award Winner in ABSTRACTION 2006
International Juried Open Arts Competition
Snow House
1979 - Exhibit at Boston City Hall
Large Corridor, with 25 pieces exhibited
Martin McCavitt played at the opening
"Sometimes some amount of destruction
is involved in executing creation, no??"
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cave painting
Teenie's Blues
Impule's Energy Essentials Compilation
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